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General Questions

  • We sell our products directly to you online this means we can pass the savings onto you! We wanted to deliver the highest-quality and most eco-friendly mattress possible, yet it had to be affordable enough for every person. We created a mattress that contains the most natural latex in the world and is free of any synthetic latex or fillers without the mark-up of retail stores!
  • At checkout, we offer payment by credit card, PayPal. All transactions are secure and encrypted.
  • No! Our mattresses do not undergo fumigation. Our products are made from natural latex and our latex manufacturer has been working with the United States for several decades. This means that our natural latex does not need to undergo fumigation when it is sent through customs.
  • In order to keep our whole mattress natural and chemical free; we use natural latex to create a unique latex glue that is not only adhesive but also chemical-free. All 3 premium mattress layers in the Peace Lily mattress are kept together with this strong glue, making it one of the most natural mattresses in the world.
  • Our products are manufactured in Sri Lanka. The natural latex in our bed products is produced from Sri-Lankan rubber sap, which is the highest quality in the world due to the ideal environmental conditions for rubber tree growth.
  • Every Peace Lily Mattress has received an LGA Certification. The LGA Certification is administered in Cologne, Germany, and tests the functional performance for domestic use of a mattress. The test is conducted by putting 150 kg of force on the mattress and stroking the mattress 60,000 times. This test is meant to simulate, more than adequately, the normal domestic usage of a mattress. The passing grade for this certification is 50/100, and our Peace Lily mattress has proven its quality and resilience by achieving a score of 99 points out of 100!
  • You may notice a faint "new" latex smell, but rest assured this is not off-gassing of harmful chemicals and will fade over time.
  • Yes, sleep is very important for everyone and gives our mind and body the time to refresh and recharge. It is also very important to child development, especially during its early stages. While sufficient quality sleep benefits childrens’ physical health, brain function, emotional wellbeing, safety, and daily functioning ability, insufficient sleep can impede learning and create mood and behavioral problems.

    Peace Lily products can help your children sleep better. You can rest assured that your child is sleeping on a quality product that is free from unhealthy toxic fumes and dust mites or bacteria.

  • Yes, all our mattresses come with enforced handles for easy maneuvering!

Mattress Sizing?

Sustainable and All-natural

  • Yes! The plastic and cardboard packaging can be recycled in common recycling bins.
  • Yes! Peace Lily mattresses feature 100% natural Dunlop latex rubber foam, made from sustainably harvested sources. Our 100% natural rubber sap is carefully hand tapped. Compounded latex foam will then go through the manufacturing process which is a globally accepted Dunlop process.

    Once the mold is filled and tightly closed it will then go through a vulcanizing chamber for curing. Adding more value to the green value chain – we use steam generated through biomass boilers. We also source the majority of wood fuel from the rubber plantations.

    The 100% natural latex mattress is then carefully stripped off from the molds. Cooled and washed in fresh river water from sustainable local rivers.

  • The rubber tree plantations used by Peace Lily are very efficient in removing carbon emissions. Each rubber tree is sustainably tapped for 30 years and during this time manages to remove 1.76 metric tons of carbon dioxide from Earth's atmosphere. Every acre removes over 144 tons of carbon dioxide over its lifetime!
  • No. While our latex core is fully vegan, our quilted fabric casing is made from 100% organic, New Zealand wool. Wool is moisture-wicking, breathable, ethical, and naturally flame retardant, but not vegan.
  • We do not use any synthetic fillers and there are almost no chemicals in any of our bed products. Peace Lily pillows, toppers, and mattresses are some of the most natural that can be found.

    The absence of any harmful chemicals has also been tested and certified by the ECO Institut and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

    Even the glue in natural-latex mattresses is made of Sri Lankan rubber sap. The majority of the small number of chemicals used in our bed products (for mattresses this is 4%) are needed to change liquid to solid rubber sap (through zinc oxide and sulfur). This is needed as latex is not enough to remain in a solid state. There is an even smaller amount of ammonia placed in rubber sap to maintain quality in the delivery process. However, these quantities of chemicals would not cause any sort of health issues or concerns, especially for products with an organic-cotton cover layer.

    Furthermore, the mattresses do not undergo fumigation as our latex supply partners have been working with the United States for a long time and as such are not affected by this. Unlike bed products made of all other major material varieties such as memory foams, hybrids, and gel-infused foam bed products, natural latex bed products contain no chemical flame retardants.

  • In terms of GOLS organic certified latex, there are in truth a lot of lies surrounding this topic. In reality, there is a very low supply of organic latex and as such, it would be very difficult for a supplier to claim that they have organic latex. There have been many complaints about manufacturers claiming they have more organic latex than they do. Our manufacturer has the GOLS certification and has the most organic latex available out of anyone, however, as there is a low quantity still - we do not claim that it is organic latex as we are not able to provide it all as organic. Our mattresses are 100% natural and we have made the mattress as natural as possible, even using natural latex glue as an adhesive!
  • A single rubber tree can make 3-8 latex mattresses. On average, one rubber tree can absorb approximately 1570 kg of carbon dioxide and be tapped for about 26 years over its lifetime. This amount of carbon dioxide absorbed equates to more than that emitted by three return trips for traveling between Perth and Sydney! Peace Lily bedding products are FSC certified, which ensures healthy forests, jobs for workers, and benefits for the local communities. You won’t be throwing away so many worn and expired bedding products into the landfill as Peace Lily natural bedding products are so durable and the mattress can last up to more than two decades. Besides, if your nearby waste management system has the proper facilities, you won’t ever have to worry at all about creating waste when dumping a Peace Lily bedding product into the landfill as the far majority of materials in our Peace Lily products are natural and as such are very biodegradable! Wastewater during latex production from rubber sap is not a severe problem as all the wastewater from Peace Lily products is recycled so will not be released back to damage Sri Lankan water ecosystems.
  • The eco-INSTITUT is an independent organization in Germany that tests products to ensure they do not contain any hazardous chemicals and will not produce off-gassing.
  • OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.
  • The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is recognised as the world's leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibres. It defines high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.

Quality Assurance

  • The natural latex in our bed products is produced from Sri-Lankan rubber sap, which is the highest quality in the world due to the ideal environmental conditions for rubber tree growth. The rubber-sap is also processed in Sri Lanka next to the rubber plantations, and the fabric in the covers is also located in similar proximity.
  • Peace Lily mattresses are made by the Dunlop process. There are two methods the natural-latex mattress can be processed with: the Talalay and Dunlop processes. While both processes produce similar quality latex, the main difference is that Talalay undergoes more processing and is thus less environmentally friendly. Although Talalay is meant to be softer due to the excess air in the material during the manufacturing process used to expand the latex, Dunlop latex can be made the same softness by adjusting the density.
  • Natural latex is the most durable mattress material that is currently available and as such is much less likely than spring or memory foam mattresses to undergo deformations over time. As our latex is made of 100% natural foam and not synthetic latex, it will last a lot longer than synthetic latexes, and also much longer than memory foams without going hard and crumbly. Some latex mattresses have been known to last over 50 years and are still able to be used!

    The high quality of Peace Lily natural latex products in Sri Lanka have been tested against natural latex made in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and across Asia.

    The health and comfort benefits of all-natural latex mattresses also come out at the very top when compared with other sorts of mattresses. The home-product quality of our natural-latex mattresses is certified by Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (testing for quality home and toy products) and SATRA Technology (product quality testing). Our customers have been very satisfied with our bedding products and we believe it will be the same for you.

  • 770 lbs!
  • Yes, natural latex mattresses are repellent to dust mites, bed-bugs, mould, mildew and different types of bacteria.
  • Factors that impact lifespan are frequency of use, weight, activity, and cleaning. The more pressure that is applied to the product and the more severe this pressure is, the more it wears. In regular mattresses, cleaning would be useful as it prevents bacteria, dust mites, and mold from harvesting on the mattresses. However, natural latex mattresses naturally fend off these problems.

    It is important to consider the lifespan of bed products as they may no longer feel as comfortable and provide the desired sleeping support (which is offered by new mattresses) after this duration. The products could become less resilient, and start to harbor bacteria, dust mites, mold, and other allergens as well.

  • Most allergic reactions to latex occur with products that are made from cold-dipped latex. Cold-dipped latex products are stretchy products; such as latex gloves and balloons. In addition to this, our latex foam uses an open cell structure that is vulcanized in high heat and goes through an extensive washing process that absorbs a lot of water and then squeezes it out. This removes the vast majority of the allergy-causing proteins. Finally, there is the GOTS certified organic cotton cover that will be protecting your skin from coming into direct contact with the latex foam. However, we do recommend that you speak with your doctor.

Warranty and Trial Period

  • 25 years - See our warranty page for details
  • 1 year - See our warranty page for details
  • Comfort is subjective, which is why you’ve got 100 nights to sleep on it! We ask you to please try your mattress for at least 30 days so that your body has time to adjust, and so that your mattress can fully decompress.

    If you love your mattress - great! This is the most common outcome, and it's what we love to hear. However, if you wish to return ýour mattress, we ask you to contact us at at any time between nights 30 and 100 of your 100-night trial to obtain a refund approval from the Peace Lily team. Please note that we only offer one mattress return per household (the only exception being for purchases of two long single bought with an adjustable bed frame).

    To obtain a refund approval, simply email us a photograph of the back and the front of the mattress. If the initial condition has been approved by us, we will collect the mattress. Refunds are paid after the mattress is received in approved condition.

    You must ensure that your mattress is in good condition with no stains, tears, or deformations due to misuse in order for your refund to be accepted. Once it has been received and approved by us, you will receive the full amount that you paid for the product.

    Please see our returns page for more information.

  • Comfort is subjective, which is why you’ve got 100 nights to sleep on it! When your order arrives, we ask you to try our pillow for at least 30 days. We ask you to try it for this amount of time so that your body has time to adjust to your new pillow.

    If you love your pillow(s) - great! That’s what we love to hear. However if you’re not satisfied with your pillow(s), contact us at at any time between days 30 and 100 of your 100-night trial to obtain a refund approval from the Peace Lily team.

    To obtain your refund approval you first have to email us a photograph of the back and front of the pillow so that we can assess the condition. Once the initial condition is approved, your pillow will be picked up for free by a Peace Lily selected carrier. Please note, we only offer two pillow returns per customer. Refunds are paid after the pillow is received in good condition.

    You must ensure that your pillow is in good condition with no stains, tears, or deformations due to misuse in order for your refund to be accepted. Once it has been received and approved at our selected depot you will receive the full amount that you paid for the product. Please see our returns page for more information.

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