Peace Lily Has Launched In The United States!

You may have already seen it, but Peace Lily has quietly (but excitedly) opened the doors of our US store for business! To celebrate, we offer free shipping of our eco mattresses, pillows, and other natural sleep products to all 50 states.

Peace Lily Mattress

We’ve been inundated with inquiries over the years about when we will finally start shipping to the US, so it’s a move that’s been in the cards for us for a while. We’re excited to bring our pure latex mattresses to families US-wide and excited to see the response to this overseas launch! Are you US-based? W invite you to visit our shop and browse our products.

Looking for a new mattress? Ours are handmade with the finest pure Dunlop latex, certified organic cotton, and certified organic New Zealand wool.

Got questions surrounding our launch, our products, or what side of the bed is the right one to get out of bed from? We’re here to help!

Peace Lily Mattress

The standard for healthy sleep

Peace Lily Mattress Protector

Natural protection with organic cotton

Peace Lily Mattress Topper

Elevate the comfort of your mattress

Peace Lily Pillows

Perfect neck support all night